My trip to NYC

Happy August! I know its been a few weeks since you’ve seen me (insert sorry face here), but ya girl has been busy this past month! Between hiring new Interns and working on projects for my clients, I haven’t had a moment to talk to you guys! I mean, I missed you. I finally caught up on life and made it back to my happy place. Mah blaaahhg! So let’s get right into it with all the deets of my latest trip to the Big Apple……

So let me be real (I always am right?) I honestly had no intention of staying in New York for a week LOL, but I mean…things happen and you kind of start to go with the flow and fall in love with the city. The very first time I set foot in Manhattan I was legit terrified. The entire city looked like one big confusing jenga block, and I was over it. But as I got more comfortable with each visit, I felt more and more like a true New Yorker.  I love the vibe of this place. Its like everybody has something to do — somewhere to go. My favorite thing about the city is the FASHION. Yassssss. People watching is like, my thing, and I love to see what people are wearing. What’s even more inspiring is that everyone on the street is unapologetically them. People literally are who they are, and have no worries if you don’t like it. I absolutely love that.

What I also love, is exploring the city by myself. I can walk at my own pace and find the most beautiful gems in every corner. All I needed was my handy dandy gps mobile app, my Canon camera, and my Milani matte lipstick to hit the streets. I stopped in a few coffee shops, sipped on some of the best tasting lattes, and drooled over the top high-end fashion boutiques in Soho. My favorite? — Alexander Wang. Oh mah gah. Walking through his shop made me feel like a total bad ass. Everything from the detail on the clothing, to the beautiful inside decor, made me wish I could live in this store forever.

And of course, like a real blogger, I took a few pics in front of some of my favorite backdrops. (Are you even a real blogger if you don’t pose in front of a graffiti wall these days?) There wasn’t enough time to take all the shots I wanted, but I was able to get some great ones! I hope you enjoyed them.

Be sure to comment below your favorite thing to do in New York City, and I’ll be sure to check it out on my next trip. Thanks for reading darling!

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