How To Look And Feel Like A Boss: Summer Style

I like to feel confident in whatever I wear, which on some days can be a challenge. They say, “when you look good, you feel good,” and that is so true. There is no one definition of what a girl boss should look like — you can rock whatever style that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t get me wrong – I have plenty of days where I roll out of bed in my t-shirt and sweatpants, but I found that it’s not the best way for me to stay motivated and productive throughout the day. So I put together a few simple looks that I find to be casual, trendy, and stylish that I can wear everyday. I’m a huge fan of Converse, so I basically try to make it work with any outfit. My favorite style to rock in the summer is body con dresses and a pair of Chuck Taylors. It’s a comfortable and easy to style to wear.

I got this gorgeous dress from Ghana during my last visit. Dashiki is a the fabric print that you see around the neck and chest area, and it’s absolutely beautiful. A friend of mine made this outfit for me and I could not wait to wear it. I choose not to wear a necklace so that the prints and patterns of the dress would pop. I am rocking my stylish Frankie Zebrawood & Navy Watch from JORD Wood Watches, and a pair of low top Grey Chuck Taylors. I also couldn’t help but snap a few shots with one this stylish chick, Lakicia. She had no idea I was going to ask her to for her pic, but she was happy to do so! Best part is, she knew exactly how to pose. I was feelin’ her radiant style and bright accessories.

My second look is a light blue body con dress that I absolutely lovvvve. It’s so simple and has a touch of sexy. Who doesn’t wanna feel sexy sometimes? It perfect to just throw on and go about my day. I also rocked this look with a pair of lace Chuck Taylors. Lately the weather has been almost perfect, so these dresses just make summer that much more happier.

I hope you enjoy these looks, and be sure to comment with your favorite summer trends. Keep stylin’ girl boss <3

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