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Swimsuits and Palm Trees: G h a n a S u n R a y s

When you live in a city that has below freezing temperatures during a long winter, you get super excited about going on a vacation to one of the most amazing countries in Africa – G h a n a! In my previous post I highlighted some of the amazing places I visited. I used to live in Ghana for two years, but funny enough, there are still certain spots I’ve never been to! Isn’t it funny how that happens sometimes? Well, this post is all about my swimsuits that I rocked this trip. It’s safe to say I was a bit daring with these styles, but in 84 – 93 weather, you can literally rock whatever you want. Let your style define who you are!

I’ll start with my favorite swimsuit from BsLingerie that I actually found on Amazon. I fell in love with the detail and color of the suit. I knew I was going to get black (surprise). The style is super sexy but is also on the classy side. This one is definitely risky! It was a bold step wearing this in Ghana – many Ghanaians are more on the conservative side. Nowadays things are changing a bit, and it looks as though some girls are taking risks in their fashion to portray a more sexy and stylish look. And there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin. If you are OK with what you wear, then everyone should be too! Check out this hot swimsuit and the link to purchase on Amazon:

Get this gorgeous swimsuit


This next one has always been one of my faves. I rocked this with a denim spiked choker. Also, the back is out, and I be lovin’ bathing suits with a back out. Today was such a gorgeous day here at

La Villa Boutique Hotel in Osu. If you haven’t noticed I love this spot! My friend introduced me to this place and I’m so glad he did. It’s such a relaxing, tropical vibe. Upstairs there is the cutest bar I’ve ever seen. The art decor was vintage, antique and all around stunning. Within seconds I asked my friend to snap some photos of me before the bartender came back to start his shift. You know I don’t miss a good photo opp! This bathing suit is sold only in store at H&M. They have some really cute swimwear! Check them out.

The last piece I wore is this super cute bikini from H&M. I love the apricot color and style. I just took a refreshing dip in the pool, so I thought I would capture this moment for all of you back at home in the cold hehe….yea I won’t be laughing anymore in a few days! You can shop for this bikini here

The beach is my happy place, and there are days where I ask myself, “why do you live in a cold state again?” But one day I will spend my days living right along one of my favorite beaches. I still have to pursue my Julia Roberts ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ journey before its too late hahah……love you all and thanks for reading =)

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