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Wow….it’s been a crazy few months and an already busy end to the year! Time is flying and I can barely keep up with everything that’s going on. This is the hardest time of the year for me – little to no sunshine, shorter days, and no more lazy weekends at the beach. Summer, where did you go? But with all the changes going on around us it’s so important that we try to keep a positive attitude during the winter months. (we all know I’m not a fan of winter, right?) Welp, thank God for my besties who always manage to keep me on my toes during the cold months! I am so lucky and fortunate to be part such a great network of artists. I recently joined the Buffalo Blogging Network, which has been such a great tool for me and my brand. I finally met a group of people who share the same interests as me!

In this post I wanted to give you a quick look at how I network and build my brand. Networking can mean many different things to different people, but I think of it as more than just shaking someone’s hand. I like to get to know others and build friendships that can hopefully turn into business relationships. If you are a frequent reader you might have noticed a reoccurring proclamation in many of my previous posts — Buffalo is rising! There are so many talented, inspiring, dope, weird, and creative people in this city, and I make the best effort to get to know each one. Everyone’s story is so different – we all shine in our own ways. That’s why its so important to get out there and attend those events and programs in your area. Attend every event as possible. Start a conversation with someone or share a drink. But here’s the key to networking: Talk with others about what they do, and focus on learning about their story and who they are. I find more often than not, allowing a person to give you an insight on what they do helps lead the conversation in the right direction – rather than just popping up in someone’s face and going down the list of your credentials. Be the listener! Once you get to know them, you too will have a chance to share your story. It’s all about communication and having a friendly, approachable attitude. You’d be surprised who you meet! Another lesson that I’ve learned – it’s OK to attend events that may not be related to what you do. Just because I’m not a painter doesn’t mean I’d shouldn’t check out an art gallery show. I never who I will meet there right? I focus on fashion and music, but I also attend events that have absolutely nothing to do with either one. Everything in the arts in connected in some way, so take advantage of the diversity the creative arts has to offer. Open your horizons and I promise you something good will come out of it! To be a blogger or anyone else in the arts, you have to be outgoing. I hope these few simple tips worked for someone out there. Be you and be fierce!

Here’s a few snaps of some of my favorite events this past year. Shoutout to my squad who holds me down in these buffalo streets! Thanks so much for reading, and keep smiling =)

Nickel City Pretty

and my adorable fashionista, Angela

Morning Glory Blog, Elizabeth of Buffalo Black Book, and Lindsay of Nickel City Pretty. I love these ladies!!

Buffalo Black Book.

Buffalo Black Book Launch Party.

Me, Erin and this star! The day I met the amazing Toronto based fashion designer, Lucian Matis at the most beautiful boutique, Annarlette! He is the most incredible, down to earth individual I’ve ever met. What a great moment for me!

Tracing Paper Blog, and Lucy of Write Style Travel

Squad at Furnishings! 

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