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The Healthy Scratch

Eat right, stay healthy, workout…..we’ve all heard one of these phrases at some point in our ‘adult’ life. Whether its from a parent or your doctor, we all have these subconscious reminders to be healthy. Although its not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is possible! I would be lying if I told you I never had the occasional cheese pizza, or cookie dough ice cream during my Netflix binge watching, but I have changed my diet drastically within the past three years. The journey started after I came back from Africa and started noticing ‘American’ food. I became so overwhelmed walking into a grocery store and finding 100 different types of chips, cookies, sodas, and other old time favorites. Looking at all the options we have here for junk food, I thought about what my diet would be like if I had more options of healthier food.

Before I knew it I gradually started switching to more organic options. I spent more time at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. I began noticing everything I ate. My body started to feel different and I had more energy and less fatigue during the day.

One of my favorite things to do as part of my health journey is to try out new places in the area. Last week a friend and I tried out a new restaurant called The Healthy Scratch at the corner of Main and Perry streets in downtown Buffalo. Its in a perfect location right by Canalside. Powered by two sisters – Jessie and Kelly Pegula – this quick service restaurant offers healthy food and drink options, as well as organic skin care products and other branded merchandise. I absolutely love it. I ordered the ‘make-your-own-bowl.’ You can select a smoothie base for your bowl and add three dry toppings and two fruit toppings. I got the Green + Matcha smoothie base and added granola, honey, mangoes, and bananas. It was delish! They also have smoothies, cold pressed juices, specialty coffees, toasts (which I am dying to try), and small deli style wraps and sandwiches on the go. Also, be sure to check out their menu online – everything is laid out so you really understand what you’re ordering, and they have the cutest names 🙂

The servers were so friendly and very patient with us too, which is so important when you go to a new place! The atmosphere was lovely – very calm and relaxing. There are tables around the area to enjoy your meal, as well as a cute corner for two right by the natural skin care and products display. Everything was so cute! We will definitely be coming back here again for another healthy snack. Congrats Jessie and Kelly Pegula, we love it! If you’re in the downtown Buffalo area please stop by and check them out! Stay healthy, stay happy, and thanks for reading =)

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