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Many artists – whether it be musicians, models, bloggers, photographers and other individuals in the biz, start off their foundation with almost next to nothing. We pull our pennies together, use our friends to take our photos, and essentially use whatever resources we have in order to ‘fake it till we make it‘ It’s hard ‘getting your name out there,’ and sometimes very easy to become discouraged when you feel like everything you do is for nothing! I think every artist has had this moment. But there is good news! If you work hard, network, and continue to learn more about the industry you’re in, you will see results. I am living proof!

I can’t say that I am exactly where I want to be – that’s just silly. (I still haven’t recorded a song with Sia and Rihanna yet so…….). I’m always pushing higher for bigger and better opportunities. Do I have moments when I feel discouraged? You betcha. But my good days outweigh the bad ones. I am confident that all of my hard work will (and someday soon) pay off. I love the fashion and music industries, and I will continue to set new goals for myself! I’d like to have my own styling company one day, and record an album with my band. In simplest terms, those are two goals I’ve set for myself.

And so….we live…for a lil bit of recognition. Recently, I was featured on Jemia Cunningham-Elder’s amazing website, Fit Your Life into Your Life. She is just loads of awesomeness! Jemia is an author, life coach, and all around woman of empowerment. She reached out to me and asked if I would be her next PFFL (Powerful Friends For Life) of the month! Of course I said yes. I’m so happy to be recognized for the small achievements I’ve made so far, and also grateful that Jemia saw greatness in me when so many others do not! I hope you enjoy my interview and also get the chance to learn a little more about me and why I do what I do! Check out the link below and be sure to follow her! Thank you so much for reading =)

PFFL of the month

Check out Jemia here

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