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I was getting dressed for a family BBQ this past weekend and I could not wait to wear this gorgeous print dress. The weather was rainy but there was a nice breeze which we needed with all this humidity! I knew for sure I wasn’t gonna wear jeans, so I went in my closet and found this dress that I haven’t even worn yet. ‘Ha…’ I thought. Let’s try this for today.

In a few of my latest blog posts I talk about patterns and prints. When I lived in Ghana it seemed to be the only thing I noticed – fabrics, color and symmetry. Every article of clothing I saw on people looked perfect. Then I started to wonder, ‘how come none of my clothes look like that?’ Since that trip I came back to the states adding splashes of color and patterned clothing into my wardrobe. Best decision I ever made!

So its Saturday and I walk downstairs in my outfit. My mom looks at me and says, “aren’t you wearing sandals with that dress?” I laugh one of those oh-please-have-we-met laughs and whip out my low-top light grey chuck taylors. (like hello we knew this was coming). I’m a huge fan of sneakers and dresses – and when you do it right it looks so good! You can be cute and comfy….

About the dress:

This summer bodycon dress is from H&M’s Coachella Collection. You can find some of the hottest trends at H&M. Bodycon dresses are trending and can be worn so many different ways. The second I tried it on, I started thinking of the best places to take some photos (yea I know….typical blogger’s mind 😉 I was lucky enough to have my friend photograph me even though we had to hide under random bridges and buildings when the rain started pouring. All these shots were taken in the rain – which made the shoot even better. The effects of rainfall can create the most beautiful photos. We stopped by Canalside and had a great time shooting by some dope walls and backgrounds. For my new readers – I take all of my photos in real, urban settings. I am weirdly obsessed with brick and graffiti walls. My philosophy is simple – use your neighborhood as your photoshoot playground. It’s what works for me! All the photos were taken by some dope spots along the river. Probably one of my favorite photoshoots so far.

Click the link above to shop for other dresses and clothing items at H&M, and be sure to tag me in your photos – I’d love to see your styles! I hope you enjoy the photos. Remember, fashion is all about showing your personal style and making a simple outfit into your own. Thank you so much for reading….cheers 🙂

  • Dedenyo Akadjah
    August 17, 2016

    I agree with the chuck taylors it gives this gorgeous dress a unique feel. About your philosophy, it is also a way of saying I am proud of where I come from or live.

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