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4 ways to stay stylish at the office

All of a sudden its Monday. Monday’s can be the worst day of the week – and let’s face it, its oftentimes the hardest. My fashion motto has always been the same: when you look good you feel good. Whether you work outside in the field or sit behind a desk at your 9-5, everyone needs to have professional, classy and trendy business wear. I used to think that wearing ‘nice clothes’ meant I had to spend a ton of money on luxurious clothing. Well let me tell you – some of the best trends in fashion can be found at affordable prices for those of us on a budget! And want to know a secret? If you want to find the best deals and styles in fashion – shop at small boutiques and thrift stores! These are the places you want to go for your shopping. I personally am not a fan of the mall when it comes to clothes shopping. For one, it seems like everybody is wearing the same thing – and who wants the same outfit your co-worker is wearing?! Don’t get me wrong – there are some great items in fashion at the mall stores, but those who truly stand out and shop for the best deals go to the smaller boutiques. Buffalo has some of the most amazing clothing spots ever! Elmwood village is my favorite! You can find the cutest tops, skirts, and fabulous prints at these places. I prefer smaller shops compared to a big mall where everything is usually picked over anyway!

As a woman who loves to dress up for a business meeting or for a day out with a client, I have developed 5 ways to stay stylish in and outside the office.

1. Keep your mani subtle and fresh – In the office appearance is everything. There’s nothing worse than a bunch of chipped polish nails. Having a fresh manicure can really make a difference with your look. Every girl is different, but I prefer subtle colors – greys, light pinks, white, and pearl. Depending on the nature of your office dress code, its always best to stay on the neutral side. Also, neutral light colors can match almost any outfit!

2. Say yes to pants suits – You should own at least one pant suit. There are so many gorgeous ladies suits that resemble beauty and class. I am a huge fan of mix-matching the pants with the blazer (because why not?) One of my favorite colors to mix together are grey and black. The pants are comfortable yet professional. And one of the benefits with owning a nice, tailored suit, is that you get to style the jacket with almost any outfit. Wear a cute blouse underneath and play with different colors. The possibilities are endless.

3. strict dress code? don’t panic – Many offices have an intense dress code to follow but have no fear, accessories is the answer! Your outfit is NEVER complete without a piece of jewelry or handbag. Show off a bold statement necklace, a wristwatch, or a pair of small stud earrings. (stay away from hoops) Before I add my accessories I look so plain and incomplete! You will feel more confident in the office.

4. always keep a sweater or poncho at the office for those cold days – oh the battle of the office wars…..some days the AC is so low you want to melt, other days you are freezing. I like a neutral colored sweater to match all my outfits, and bundle up at my desk when the temp drops. Check out my favorite poncho from H&M.

Always look your best and give yourself the confidence you need to get through your work day or business meeting. I hope these tips will help you with your office styling. What do you think? Tell me some of your favorite styles in the comments below! =)

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