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say yes to african print summer dresses

Living in Ghana was one of the most influential times of my fashion career. I learned so much about African print, the variety of fabrics, and the materials it takes to make one dress. Ghana is rapidly emerging in the fashion industry, and I am so proud to be half Ghanaian! Our culture is beautiful and it shines through its fashion. As a fashion designer and stylist I am forever inspired by the endless fabric patterns and colors – which is why I decided to get this dress made from one of the best tailors in Ghana. I saw a dress with the same fabric and I loved it so much I went to the tailor who sewn the dress, and asked him to please sew one for me. I sketched what I wanted and he made my dress within a few days.

I originally had a wider flair with ruffles on the bottom, but once I tried on the dress I realized it made me look a bit short. So I cut the bottom for a more sexier look, but also to make myself look taller. I am a shortie! Many people think I’m tall but I am actually average height – 5’5” I think the end result is gorgeous, and its the perfect dress for a hot summer day. I think our summer has officially arrived! I rocked this outfit at the Canalside Carnival in downtown Buffalo, and so many people asked me where I bought it. These are the type of dresses that every girl likes. What’s your favorite summer dress look? Comment below and share your top summer styles. Stay warm, stay stylist, and keep smiling!

  • Obed Samah
    July 18, 2016

    Cute dress……………………

  • Naa Kwaley
    July 20, 2016

    Thank you Obed!

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