coco ' hema

city vibes x all black

Black. Its the one color you can wear for almost any occasion, any time of the day, and almost anywhere. Its one of my favorite colors to rock, especially during the summer. This throwback photo was taken in downtown Buffalo, NY right near Lafayette Square. The atmosphere of a busy, city vibe on a Saturday afternoon was just what I wanted for this shoot.

I like to take photos in ‘real’ settings that revolve around life in the city. I had a friend of mine ask me, “Why this background? Why not take the pic in front of a tree or something?!” Funny question! But I love to capture my style of fashion using the most urban and creative backgrounds. Whether its a brightly colored graffiti background, or an old, chipped painted wall – these are the places I feel most beautiful.

Remember, always create your own definition of beauty!

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