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buffalo turns up in fashion: runway ecolution

My favorite part of my fashion and blogging career is attending some of the most amazing fashion shows. I was so excited to be invited to the Buffalo State Fashion and Textile Department Runway Ecolution 9.0 Show. The runway was absolutely beautiful with a beautiful purple and blue lighting stage. The theme of the show was Eco-lution: Ecology plus evolution. All of the designers are students who study in the fashion department, as well as the senior designers. And they are all so talented! This is what fashion is all about – expressing yourself through art and creativity.

Each senior designer had a story behind their collection, and I have never been more inspired. My favorite designer of the night was Anna Dusza, featuring a very feminine collection mixed with masculine style. Her collection is made up of neutral colors – black, white, and grey, with symmetrical lining and light brown leather detail. Yessss for suspenders! It was amazing. My favorite outfit of the night is this unique and gorgeous black tutu skirt with a white top. I literally am living for this outfit.

Fashion shows give fashion bloggers (like myself) the opportunity to experience fashion through the runway firsthand. We see so much creativity on stage, and we then become inspired. My job Saturday night was to capture the pieces I thought were the most fitting and attractive to my own personal style. I was fortunate enough to review these collections with two other amazing bloggers, Lindsey and Ashley. Buffalo is somewhat of an underrated city, but let me tell you – talent in fashion does exist! Its a great experience to be part of the press team and show our readers who and what inspires our own work in the fashion industry. What inspires your fashion style? See you next time loves xoxo…

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