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street art pt.1

Hello graffiti lovers! Where my street art fanatics at? As you probably know by now – I crave a dope graffiti wall. I tired something a bit different for this shoot, and that was taking more shots ‘on the ground’ Kneeling and taking poses creates a different vibe for the photo. I was really into my feelings for this particular shot, and was thinking about a moment in my life where I felt lost and broken. The message I wanted to show,  is that even in the midst of pain, struggle and overcoming challenges you are still beautiful inside and out. Having confidence in who you are no matter what you’re going through is the key to life! I have learned to build a certain level of confidence and I love the way I look. Of course, almost every girl out there will have insecurities but those feelings will always be there and are always minimal. Instead, define your own standards of beauty. Rock that afro if you got it. Accept your body and your appearance, and I promise you, you will live a happier life! I hope you enjoy these shots! Be sure to check out my previous post street art pt. Until next time….xoxo 🙂

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