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kat von d is my muse

My mom and I were shopping in the mall and of course we stopped by Sephora! Isn’t it a fun store? I love the fact that you can find many different brands all in one place. If you haven’t yet been to Sephora – please go!

One of my favorite cosmetics line is from the beautiful and talented Kat Von D. Her makeup is just amazing, and every time I wear her products I feel like an artist painting a canvas. It’s very clear that her cosmetics are influenced by her work and skills as a tattoo artist. I just love her!

Today I was on a mission to try one of her foundations, as I desperately needed a new one. I’ve used Kat Von D products before, but never the foundation. And let me just say – I am beyond impressed! What is so cool about this foundation is the way it dries and stays on your face. It’s creamy and pigmented, and blends in perfectly with your skin. But here is the best part, are you ready? You only need a tiny drop on your sponge or brush to completely cover all blemishes and even out any discoloration! I have a feeling this bottle will last for a very long time. So obsessed you guys! I was so turnt on the foundation that I decided to get a new liquid lipstick color. I have never tried darker color lipsticks but this time around I took a bold step! This gorgeous blue/purple lipstick is literally my everything right now. At first I was like, nah this won’t look good with my skin tone, but boy was I wrong! Even a few people in the store were like ‘Yassss hunty that color looks good on you.’ Well, I took their advice and went home with a beautiful foundation and a hot, new lip color. I also picked up a foundation brush that I could use to apply my foundation evenly. A brush to apply your foundation is key! As soon as I got home I put the look together and I was very pleased with the outcome. Kat Von D is truly one of my makeup idols!

Let me know what you think in the comments. I’d love your feedback on the colors and products, and also let me know what Kat Von D goodies you love! Down below are the links to where you can shop for these items online. Stay beautiful!

Lock-it Foundation, Color “Deep 74”

– full coverage

– 24-hour wear

– transfer resistant

– matte finish

– fragrence free

– oil free

Shop here

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, Color “Echo”

Shop here

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