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the perfect background for endless photoshoots – s o h o n y c

I have a love/hate relationship with New York. I love literally everything about it, except the long winters and freezing temperatures curated with snow. BUT, New York City is the perfect background for my never ending ‘life as a musical.’ Today, I walked around Soho and checked out some of the best architecture and boutiques in the area. There is so much to see and do in the city, and even in the cold weather, I came out to explore and become inspired.

About my photo — What’s funny to me, is that I forgot that I actually forgot phone booths with pay phones still exist! In today’s modern technology we are so used to using our cell phones for practically everything, that we sometimes forget the ‘basics.’ As soon as I saw this phone booth I stopped and said, “wait, let’s take a picture. Totally crushing on this background right now.” The phone actually didn’t work, but it was the perfect sized frame for a  shot. And by the way, you know the best part? Nobody looks at you funny or glares at you wondering who you are and why you’re taking a picture lol. People in New York do this all the time! That’s the beauty of this city. Fashion bloggers and photographers fit right in. For one second, you pose and forget that your hands are cold, or that at any moment a pigeon might poop on your head. Today, it was all about capturing the essence of style and street fashion.

My accessories include this lovely clutch purse from my collection. This one is definitely one of the more eccentric patterns. I always like to walk around with this purse to get people’s feedback and reactions. With all the grey and black color scheme I got going on, it’s a must to add a pop of color. We can’t be too mellow, can we?

And now for some good news —-> I have three of my clutch bags to giveaway on Feb 13th! Simply follow me on Instagram and Twitter and I pick three lucky fashionistas to walk away with this gorgeous clutch purse AND a special free gift. I promise you will love it! Until next time dollies…Good luck!

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