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4 easy tips you must know!

Every year we start off setting new goals and making a vow to stay positive throughout the year. And believe me, there is nothing wrong with that, but the real challenge is how do we stay positive as the year rolls on? In this post I wanted to give you 4 simple tips that have worked for me so far. I am someone that can easily get down in the dumps when I’m not busy or productive, so I wanted to share with you some of the things that have worked for me!

1. Simple but overrated –

get yourself a planner!

 I know some of you are like, “duh,” but its actually surprising how many people do not have one. I am the type of person that writes down everything, and this has helped me organize my daily tasks. Like I always say – plan your work, work your plan. Try finding a planner with a calendar that also gives you space to write things down in detail. Decorate your planner if you want to, and make it your very own personal assistant on the go.


Organize your personal space – 

Our work and personal space gets very messy very quickly. (well at least mine does!) When your room looks chaotic, you feel chaotic. Put away all those clothes lounging on the floor in your closet, wipe away the dust on your work desk and table. I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of those lemon wipes that you can get from Walgreens for like $2 lol. So weird I know, but the lemon smell makes my room look refresed. This year try to take care of your personal space and make sure you are comfortable in your home or work office.


Treat yourself once every two weeks 

– Every girl has her ‘thing.’ My ‘thing’ is getting my nails done. Anytime I go to the salon and paint my nails a pretty pink I feel refreshed and renewed! I’m also very picky. I get my nails done by the same person every time, and if they are not in the salon I don’t show up! Crazy right? But we all get stressed out in our daily lives, and its so important to take time out for yourself. Make yourself feel beautiful!


Buy new makeup!

 – This one is my fave of course. I love buying new makeup any day of the week. Who doesn’t need more eye shadows and blushes? My favorite spots to get new glam products are MAC and Sephora. Try to make room in your budget for new glam products. This keeps you refreshed and positive. Play around with different looks and styles, and find the right products that work for you. And trust me, it doesn’t always have to be the high end stores – I’ve found great products at CVS. It’s all about trying different places. Get your makeup on!

I hope these 4 simple tips have helped you and given you some motivation for this year. Don’t forget to follow me on



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