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D x L is my street fashion

It’s no secret that my favorite combination is denim and leather. I try not to wear it too often, but on chilly fall days I can’t help myself. Just like denim – leather will never go out of fashion…

Using my iphone, I wanted to create a very urban type feel while taking these photos. This brick wall is right outside my apartment building, and it’s actually a nice background for my shots. The jacket is from Jessica Simpson’s Collection, and the jeans are from Zara. Of course, let’s not forget my favorite shoe in the world (well second favorite to a pair of high heels) my Converse. Does it get any better than converse? We all have days when we want to dress casual, and this is the perfect look for that.

Next year, I hope to incorporate more denim into my patterns to create a unique blend of designs. I’ve got my vision stuck in my head and just waiting to turn it into reality. Oh and I almost forgot — rock this look with a black top hat, it adds some flavor!

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